Making Tech Relevant

Teachers often tell us that concepts such as ‘AI, algorithms, coding, Internet of Things’ and other common ‘tech language’ feel like something they are aware of, but exist ‘over there’, outside their normal day-to-day lives, and surrounded by impenetrable language. And, industry often tell us they wish they could make more of an impact on the infusion of career related knowledge into school and college curricula and enrichment.

The overarching aim is for more teachers and industry professionals to get to  ‘feel’ how the passion for their subject can connect directly with each other, and lay the foundations for a legacy that prepares our next generation of young people for the jobs of the future.

Strand 1

Using Tech & media To Improve Learning

Growing Skills and Confidence in Classroom Pedagogy

With Nick Templeton, Suffolk & Colchester Computing Hub

  • Digital tools to teach Mathematics
  • Working with sound
  • Working with images
  • Become a published author
  • Adding interactivity to your presentations
  • Using Green Screen technology
  • Creating Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Products
  • Create your own resources
  • STEM Clubs
Edtech for Impact

Explore some of the fantastic free digital tools that can help to develop more creativity and motivation in the secondary classroom, whilst preparing pupils for a world of digital careers.

Sample exciting, easy to use digital resources using images, audio, video and Virtual Reality worlds that can be adapted for any secondary subject.

Using Edtech Efficiently

Explore some of the fantastic free digital tools that can help to develop more creativity and motivation in the secondary classroom, whilst preparing pupils for a world of digital careers.

Sample exciting, easy to use digital resources using images, audio, video and Virtual Reality worlds that can be adapted for any secondary subject.

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Strand 2

Linking Careers To curriculum

Infusing what we teach with industry Insights and experience

With BT, Innovation Martlesham, New Anglia Careers Hub and STEM Ambassadors

  • How can we use knowledge and concepts from non-computing subjects to enrich the computing programme of study?
  • How can we apply technology concepts and references to Maths English, PE, History and more…?
  • How can we infuse technology focused careers education throughout the curriculum?
  • Why is the subject of computing is so important in developing our future workforce?
Cross curricular infusion of careers and industry insights

Teaching a subject for its own value is laudable, and passing exams is pretty useful too!


But, as students ‘fly the nest’, they’ll be faced with a world where immersion in technology in practical contexts will be central to many jobs and a real life reality.


Are they prepared with a foundational understanding of the types of careers and real world examples linked to all their subjects?


Irrespective of subject, ‘making tech relevant’ to young people’s future lives can be enriching, motivational, and beneficial to their future career pathways.


Explore ideas for developing anecdotes, tasks, questions, projects and references to bring your subject alive, and help students make links between the technology and the types of roles young people will find themselves doing in the future.

Experience the BT Immersive Showcacase

We are excited and proud to bring you a unique opportunity to experience the Showcase at Adastral Park. BT Education staff will take you on immersive tour, where you’ll see, and feel the future of how technology will revolutionise our world.

From the Innovation Martlesham Showcase Website:

Showcasing our companies is at the heart of Innovation Martlesham. One the most powerful tools we use to achieve this is through our association with BT’s customer showcase facility at Adastral Park – a unique environment that hosts thousands of key customers each year. Use this page to discover more about the exciting opportunities the BT showcase offers our ecosystem and see a selection of video demos from Innovation Martlesham companies that gives a taste of what’s on show at Adastral Park

The BT customer showcase facility at Adastral Park features over 250 technology demos set in purpose built environments that encouragers visitors to think differently about technology. From a cutting edge bank, to a futuristic hospital and an end-to-end supply chain area, the nine situational environments inspire visitors to put innovation at the heart of their decision-making process and always leaves them wanting more.

Each year the customer showcase facility hosts thousands of BT’s corporate customers, business leaders, decision makers from major blue chip companies and from government. By working closely with BT’s customer centre team, Innovation Martlesham’s are able to offer it’s companies the chance to have their technology featured in this facility.”

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Strand 3

Human skills in a technological world

Leadership, Mentoring, Soft-Skills & Ethics for a Fast Changing World

With Alpha Teaching School Hub and Best Practice Network

  • “The Lion on a Leash” – what should we do about AI in Education?
  • ONSIDE and Educative Mentoring
  • ‘Confidence Spreads Confidence’ – how can we supercharge enthusiasm and skills in Non-Specialists and Early Career Teachers?
  • The Power of International: working with other countries to enrich teachers and students lives
"The Lion on a Leash" - what should we do about AI in Education?

Join us for a thought-provoking series of discussion sessions delving into the captivating world of AI in education. Our carefully curated lineup of session titles encompasses a diverse range of AI-related issues, ensuring an enriching experience for educators, policymakers, and researchers alike.

Examples of some of the questions we’ll be examining…

1. What are the ethical implications of using AI in education?
2. How can AI help address equity and access issues in education?
3. What measures should be taken to ensure privacy and data security in AI-powered learning environments?
4. How can we mitigate bias and ensure fairness in AI algorithms used in education?
5. How can AI be effectively used to personalize education for every student?
6. What role can AI play in assessments and grading in educational settings?
7. What are the benefits and challenges of using AI-powered virtual assistants in the classroom?
8. How can AI and adaptive learning technologies customize education for individual students?
9. How does the introduction of AI impact the teacher-student relationship?
10. What are the potential applications and benefits of AI and augmented reality in education?
11. What are the key challenges and considerations in implementing AI in schools?
12. How can we promote digital literacy skills in the era of AI?
13. What are the opportunities and considerations when using AI for early childhood education?
14. How can AI be leveraged to foster creativity and critical thinking in the classroom?
15. What are the implications and best practices of using AI for special education?
16. How should teachers be trained and supported in integrating AI into their instruction?
17. What ethical frameworks and guidelines should guide decision-making in AI-driven education?
18. How does AI impact the future of work, and how can we prepare students for an AI-driven world?
19. How can AI be used to uphold academic integrity and prevent cheating and plagiarism?
20. How can AI support student well-being and mental health services in educational settings?

The transformative effect of ONSIDE & Educative Mentoring

Onside and educative mentoring offer invaluable benefits for teacher development. They provide personalized support, foster reflective practice, and enhance instructional strategies. Mentors offer guidance, facilitate skill-building, and create a collaborative learning environment. This leads to increased confidence, improved teaching practices, and ultimately, better student outcomes.

Take part in an introduction to how to implement transformative effect of educative and ONSIDE mentoring methods.

1. How does onside mentoring differ from traditional mentoring approaches, and what are the benefits of this method in supporting teacher development?
2. What strategies can educational leaders employ to effectively implement educative mentoring for teachers and enhance their professional growth?
3. How does educative mentoring contribute to the development of teachers’ confidence and skills, and how can these outcomes be measured and evaluated?
4. What role does the mentor play in onside mentoring for teachers, and how can they create a supportive and empowering environment for professional growth?
5. How can educational institutions ensure that onside and educative mentoring methods for teachers are inclusive, equitable, and tailored to address the diverse needs and contexts of educators?

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