BT Adastral Park, Martlesham, March 11 & 12

For Teachers, TAs, Cover Supervisors, Coachs & Leaders

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Edtech, Chat GPT (AI) & Multimedia to Improve learning in Any Subject


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BT Adastral Park, Martlesham, Woodbridge 11 & 12 March

Chat GPT for Impact Keeping Children Safe Online 'Book Creator' for publishing VR and AR for creativity

Computing Curriculum Physical Computing Whole School Outcomes Encouraging Girls into Tech Strategy & Leadership

AI for Classroom Learning Chat GPT for Lesson Planning Connect 'Everything' with QR Codes Unlocking Understanding with Simulations in Science & Maths


for any member of teaching or support staff

“Discover Simple, FREE to use Digital Tools to Supercharge Enjoyment, Behaviour, Lesson Ideas, SEND, Time Management and much more..”


primary, secondary and A Level teachers or support staff

“Power up Your Computing Teaching & Learning with Certificated Courses, Expert Support & Troubleshooting Common Issues”

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BT Adastral Park

Martlesham. Ipswich


Absolutely not… there is plenty of opportunity for complete beginners  as well as advanced practitioners to apply the knowledge gained through the courses.

For example….

After an Edtech session on ‘Book Creator’

“I used Book Creator with Year 1, and the following week Year 12… the books the Year 12 were incredible – like professional publications, and the Year 1’s took to it like ducks to water” – Nick Templeton, former Headteacher and current Professional Development Lead

Sessions are backed by certification that can be achieved over the two days from…

  • BCS Chartered Institute of IT Certificates
  • Alpha Teaching School Hub Certificate of Attendance

You can send up to three different people… however, each person must be registered separately and in their own name.

(The email of the relevant members of staff must be used rather than an admin / central email)


  • One person can attend one day or both days
  • Two different colleagues can attend in any combination over the two days from the same school
  • You can mix and match sessions over the two days (e.g. attend an afternoon and a morning etc.)

Also, just a quick note to say that we’ll happily welcome two different people from the same school on separate days, or for mix and match time slots (e.g. morning / afternoon attendance). Although, just an awareness that for the computing certification, you will need to attend for a minimum of 6 hour’s worth of sessions, (unless you have already attended NCCE courses previously which will accumulate towards).

This professional development programme has been designed to guide primary teachers through our comprehensive offer of courses, enrichment and resources and leads to a nationally recognised certificate.

  • Teach primary computing
  • Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Why take part?

  • develop your knowledge and skills in primary computing
  • gain the confidence to teach great lessons and inspire learners
  • build your profile and take an active role in the computing community
  • receive a nationally recognised certificate in primary computing

The programme will help you develop or refresh your subject knowledge up to GCSE, with funding available for state-funded schools and colleges to support classroom cover.

  • Key stage 3 and GCSE Computer Science certificate
  • Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

This certificate is for anyone planning to teach A level Computer Science or currently doing so. It is particularly valuable to teachers without qualifications in the subject who wish to demonstrate the capability to teach at this level.

  • A level Computer Science subject knowledge
  • Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

BT Cross-Curricular Technology Showcase

Research evidence

The course draws on highly experienced classroom expertise, inspired by the Education Endowment Foundation Report “Improving Learning Through Digital Technology”.

Supported by the Suffolk & Colchester Computing Hub